So you wanna hear our story eh?


No doubt, this section of our site deserves the most attention. Unfortunately, it's been the most difficult to get to... and it will certainly be the most difficult to "get right". 

The most amazing aspect in meeting one another is how we managed to avoid it so long... 

We both have lived and socialized in the same general area of South County for several years. At one point, we were living just a few miles from each other and frequented the same shops, restaurants and entertainment areas regularly. Most folks are not aware that we also attended the same University and worked for the same employer for several years... just never at quite the same time.   
Who knows, maybe we've bumped into one another at some common event and we just didn't realize it. What matters is that we finally did meet. - It all happened at a local restaurant that was hosting an introductions event. We both attended and spent the evening talking up a storm. We had our first date a couple of days later and within a month or so we were spending all of our weekends traveling up and down the west coast in search of great wine, great jazz and adventurous terrain to satisfy our thirst for hiking and water sports.       

That first meeting took place in Spring 2003. By the end of Summer we had visited the wine regions in and around Paso Robles, Santa Maria, Santa Ynez and Santa Barbara (and yes, Temecula... shhh). We spent the end of Summer in Washington state hiking and kayaking and then went on to Canada B.C. for some more recuperating fun. 

This past year, we spent time everywhere in between. Visiting areas like Sonoma and returning to Paso Robles for the jazz fest, making our way over to Catalina in late Spring and venturing to the east coast just in time to get caught up in the World Series mayhem in Boston.     

And then... in late July of 2004, we became engaged. The proposal took place at sunset... under a gazebo on a hill over looking the Santa Maria Valley. It seemed as though we were the only ones around for miles. And then...         
... more to follow